Lessons Learend 2: You’re going to make mistakes. Forgive & Forget

/This is Lesson Learned 2 out of 5 in response to “Challenge of the Week: 5 Lessons Learned to help You deal with the Chaos that comes with a Baby”/


You’re going to make mistakes…

One thing is certain, you are going to make mistakes. Most likely plenty of them. That’s perfectly normal, I’d say it’s even necessary. How else will you learn if you don’t make any mistakes? We’re not born experts in parenting, and there’s loads of contradictory information out there.

What works for one family, can result in a total disaster for yours. You’re also going to do stuff in good faith, thinking that you are doing the best thing for your child, and then you’ll discover that it was a huge mistake, that can have long-lasting negative effect. Still forgive and forget. Just try to do your best. You are going to screw your kid up in some way anyhow, unless you are going to be the unicorn parents, the first ones that never made a parenting mistake.


…so please accept it

It’s a true skill that will have a great impact on you as a parent. If you accept that making mistakes is a part of that journey and you’ll learn to forgive yourself quickly and move on, parenting will be a much greater experience. Those of us who dwell on mistakes don’t do ourselves absolutely any favours. Why? Because what’s done is done, you cannot fix the past. Better use that energy to invest in fixing your mistake here and now.

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