Step 1: Open up & seek clarity

seek clarity

This is Step 1 out of 5 in response to Challenge of the Week: 5 steps to take to gain clarity and take the right decision for you


Life purpose

Best decisions are the ones aligned with your life purpose or your long-term vision. You already do have some options, but you are not sure which one to choose.

In order to be able to select the right solution for you, you need to create some space, open up and seek clarity.


Observe yourself

One way to do this is by taking time to observe yourself and noting down which activities bring you joy and motivation. It is a simple exercise, where you switch on your mindfulness and your “inner observer” and for a few days you note down every activity that gives you that sparkle of excitement and inspire you to do more. That is a very important step of gathering information about yourself.


Imagine the best version of yourself

Another way to gain some clarity is to get comfortable, set a good amount of time and imagine yourself in a world with no limitations. There is no fear, no money issues, no pressure. You can do & feel anything you want. Imagine your absolutely favorite scenario. Envision yourself in 5 years and answer those three questions: 

Where are you? 

What do you do? 

What do you have?

If you sense that you are limiting yourself, or simply are unable to set yourself free, imagine that you are shooting your favorite movie. And that main character can do what he/ she really wants to do. Where is he/ she? What is he/ she doing? What does he/ she have?


You can also try the following

Other ways to open up and seek clarity could be to do some journaling, especially free flow writing. Wake up in the morning, and before your brain starts attacking you with the thoughts, start writing whatever comes to you. Allow a totally free and unlimited flow.

Moreover, if you are keen on meditation, it is known to be a wonderful way to obtain clarity.

No matter which method you choose, ask the question that is the most vivid for you at the moment: What should I do next? Which option should I choose?

And allow the answer to come to you.

With those mindful and imaginative activities, you’re gathering plenty of invaluable information. In the next option, we’ll discuss what to do with it.


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