Ep04 Five Ways to deal with an Unsatisfying Work situation & to get Your Dream Job

how to quit your job

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It’s Tuesday Again 🙂

And today we’re solving Maya’s challenge!

Maya is really fed up with her current job. She’s quite ready to quit that boring job and she actually knows what kind of job she would like to do. But despite applying for a while now, she hasn’t been able to get that dream job yet.

So what do you do when you find yourself at a work place where you don’t get along with your boss and your colleagues are gossiping behind your back?

We have prepared 5 Options and 5 steps for Maya to support her in the process of getting her career back on track.

In this episode we’ll be discussing:

  1. Can quitting your job here and now be a good idea, even if you haven’t received a new contract yet?
  2. When you do have several alternative solutions how can you select the best one for you?
  3. How can treating yourself as your best friend be helpful when deciding on your career ?
  4. What is a contract with yourself? And why is it a good idea to have one?

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