Ep06 Five things to do when you quit your job for a girl and then she quits you

broken hearted

Victor has gone through a lot and ended with a broken heart. First he has decided to divorce his wife. Then he met a girl and fell in love. He quit his job & his apartment and was completely ready to move in with his girlfriend. Then she send him THE message: “I am sorry, I can’t make it. I’m in love with someone else”.

Ep01 Five ways to Breakup with Your Girlfriend

Break-up, end the relationship

In this episode we’re solving Martin’s challenge. Martin has been trying to break-up with his girlfriend for a while, but he hasn’t managed to succeed. We have prepared 5 Options for Martin to inspire him how to end this relationship in a respectful & loving way.

Ep00 What You’ve got 5 Options is all About

In this episode Anna & Marta are walking you through the history of You’ve got 5 options. You’ll find out What You’ve got 5 Options is all about. How it all started? Who are Anna & Marta? What do they actually offer? And … what’s in it for You :-)?