Ep18 Five golden rules to get back out there like a pro

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It’s Tuesday and today is about relationships & how to get back out there like a PRO!

We’re solving Monica’s challenge

Monica has involved herself in several unsuccessful relationships, so she has decided to take some time out and work on herself. Now she’s ready to “get back out there”.

We have prepared 5 golden rules to help Monica avoid the mistakes of the past and this time find THE ONE.

In this episode we’re discussing:

  1. Why clearing your emotional and physical space is important and how to do that?
  2. How to be mindful of falling back to the “old ways” (and old “type of guys”)
  3. Why doing something in a different way can be a good idea?
  4. What does it mean to open up for a new relationship?

You can find more about getting back out there here:

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