Ep17 Five steps to take to gain clarity, overcome fear and move on

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It’s Tuesday and We’re Back 🙂

Today’s challenge came from Chris

Chris is feeling unmotivated and uninspired at his current job. He/ She is ready to move on in the professional life and location-wise but doesn’t know how to overcome the fear of losing comfort. Chris has already come up with some ideas of what he/ she could do instead, so this time we have decided to offer…

5 steps to facilitate the process of gaining clarity, overcoming fear and making the right decision for you, so that you can move on in your life.

In this episode we’ll be discussing:

  1. What’s life purpose and how to figure out what’s your life purpose?
  2. How to set your imagination free so that you awaken your creativity & resourcefulness?
  3. What to do to overcome fear?
  4. How to gain clarity and choose the best option for you?
  5. Can you move on in life even though you are not sure what’s your life purpose?

You can find more about gaining clarity, overcoming fear and choosing the right solution for you here:

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