Ep14 Five ways to turn your lonely, post-divorce Christmas into a Christmas Miracle

lonely Christmas

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It’s Tuesday and Christmas is just around the corner!

For many of us Christmas is a wonderful period, but there are also other people for whom it is a rather lonely time because they have just broken-up with someone, live far away from home or feel lonely in the crowd.

Lisa has just divorced her husband and she’s wondering: would it be a good idea to spend the holiday with her ex?

So the question really is: How to survive the post-break-up holiday?

This time we have prepared 5 Options entitled with Christmas songs to inspire you to figure out what to do with the post-divorce or any other potentially lonely Christmas.

In this episode we’re discussing:

  1. How can you help yourself by helping others?
  2. Is it always a good idea to spend the holiday with the family?
  3. Are there any benefits of spending Christmas all by yourself?
  4. And what are the alternatives?


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