Ep13 Five scenarios to imagine when considering sugar dating

sugar dating

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It’s Tuesday and today we’re solving Maddy’s challenge!

Maddy is wondering how many of the expats would go into sugar dating to finance their lifestyle and pay the bills? We are wondering if there is anything bad or wrong with sugar dating? We came to a conclusion that the only context it should be considered in is:

Is sugar dating GOOD for YOU? And how do I figure this out?

This time we have prepared 5 Scenarios that you can imagine yourself in to activate your inner guidance, so that you can find out, if this is something good or bad for you.

In this episode we’re discussing:

  1. How can you find out if something is good or bad for you?
  2. What should you consider when you are about to go into controversial business?
  3. How to connect with your inner guidance?
  4. What about morality, society and culture?
  5. How to recognize the difference between a “fight or flight reaction” and your true inner voice?


You can find more about us & about the 5 scenarios to consider when going for sugar dating here:

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