Ep02 Five Options for a Long Distance Relationship that wants to close the Distance Gap

long distance relationship

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It’s Tuesday and we’re solving Maria’s Challenge

Maria and her boyfriend have been in a long distance relationship for a while now and they’re ready to close the distance gap.

But what do you do when your partner want’s you to move to his country when you have just started a job that you absolutely LOVE?

We have prepared 5 Options for Maria to support her in a process of taking this important life decision.

In this episode we’re discussing:

  1. How to find out which option is REALLY the best one for you?
  2. How to deal with fear when taking a big life decision?
  3. Can living apart for a while more be ever a good idea?
  4. How have we dealt with long distance relationship challenges in our personal lives?

You can find more about how to deal with Long Distance here:

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