Ep01 Five ways to Breakup with Your Girlfriend

Break-up, end the relationship

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Join us while we’re solving Martin’s Challenge

Martin has been trying to breakup with his girlfriend but she does not want to accept that the relationship is over.

We have prepared 5 Options for Martin to support him in making it through with his

decision to end the relationship.

In this episode we’ll be discussing:

  1. Is breaking-up over messenger ever a good idea?
  2. Is it possible to break-up in a loving and respectful way?
  3. Our personal stories of good & bad break-ups

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Break-up, end the relationship

2 thoughts on “Ep01 Five ways to Breakup with Your Girlfriend

  1. Your podcast is a lot of fun, reminds me of CarTalk show on NPR, with two brothers giving advice about cars.

    I think that the message option is the best, given that it sounds like you more or less tried the breakup in person already. As long as you keep the lines of communications open after, its a good second choice.

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