Ep 15 Five Christmas Challenges

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It’s Tuesday and Christmas is just around the corner!

For many of us Christmas is a wonderful period, but apparently, it’s also quite challenging! Therefore today we are solving 5 different challenges.

This time we have prepared 5 Options for each of the Five Christmas challenges to inspire you to find your own way in making your Holiday amazing, despite the different issues…


In this episode we’re discussing challenges of 5 different ladies:

  1. Katie loves Christmas, but her partner is more like a grinch, so she’s wondering if there’s a way to save the Holiday?
  2. Charlotte is wondering how to join Kosher food and pork at one table so that her Jewish aunt and uncle and the Danish family get their traditions & religions honored.
  3. Miranda has received a few presents that she doesn’t particularly enjoy, so she’s wondering if it would be a good idea to regift them or maybe sell them instead?
  4. Samantha is going to spend Christmas with her husband’s family, where she feels lonely in the otherwise loving crowd. How can she save Christmas for herself?
  5. There’s always plenty of drama in Carrie’s family. Is there a way to avoid or work through that drama in order to have amazing Holiday?

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