Option 2: Try to get your previous life back

/This is Option 2 from 5 in response to “Challenge of the Week 6: 5 ways to survive when your homeless, jobless and broken-hearted”/


Back to the past?

If getting her back is not an option, either because you’ve realised that she’s not really the one for you, or because she sticks by her decision of not being with you, you can try to see if it’s possible to get your previous life back.

You may be feeling completely lost right now and getting back to some familiar circumstances could give you a sense of comfort. Winning your past life back could simply mean trying to get your old job back. But it could also mean looking a bit deeper. You mentioned that you are married (still?) and that you have a kid. Is that door completely locked for you? Have you really ended the relationship with your wife? 


Reflect and answer honestly

Actually, answering that question is quite relevant for you… because even if you are completely sure that you don’t love your wife anymore, the relation between the two of you might still be unresolved, and it could have impacted the relationship with your girlfriend.

So, if you sense that getting back your previous life resonates with you, you could definitely try doing that.


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