OPTION 1: Do nothing and hope for the best

(You came from: Challenge of the week 1)

Well, in your case, ‘the best’ means “the situation will solve itself somehow” and as weird as it sounds, sometimes it works.

I personally know a couple of people who use this approach; they wait for the external circumstances or “so-called destiny” to solve the upcoming problems for them.

Maybe tomorrow your girlfriend will meet “the love of her life” and leave you voluntarily.

Maybe she will have a sudden revelation and realise that the relationship doesn’t work for her either.

Maybe you will get a surprise promotion at work and your employer will send you to South America so things between the two of you will fall apart naturally (unless she decides to follow you).

Or maybe a meteor will strike Earth tomorrow and none of this will really matter anymore.

Pros: You literally don’t have to do anything – no effort, no difficult conversations ahead, no uncomfortable crying scenes. You just sit back and wait for some sort of solution created by random external factors.

Cons: You are still in the same, uncomfortable situation and chances are your frustration and resentment will grow even more over time. But what is more, you give away control over your own life. Instead of making conscious decisions about your relationship and well-being you just slide from one day to the next, which puts you in the position of a passive observer of your own life who is waiting for things to be solved. Magically 😉


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