House Rules

Welcome to Our Home 🙂

We have created a number of House Rules to make sure that we can all feel welcome hyggelig (don’t know what that is? Wikipedia will tell you. Also the picture at the bottom :-)).

House Rules

5 Options Rules

1. Weapon of choice- Love and compassion

2. Be respectful– every single soul deserves respect, therefore only respectful comments will remain posted.

3. Be positive– if you have something mean to say, don’t :). Unless it is funny, but please do make sure it is clear that it is supposed to be funny.


4. Be tolerant– we are all beautiful & unique human beings. No one is better than others, in any way. We’re all awesome.


5. Do not take things personally and do open up for some humor- if you get a bit of sarcasm or irony, please assume it is for fun (and for training your intellectual side), not to hurt your feelings.

6. Assume that all that is said and written was created from a good place and with purest intentions.