Step 1: Get in Touch with Yourself

how to quit your job

/This is Step 1 from 5 in response to “Challenge of the Week: 5 Ways to deal with an Unsatisfying Work situation & to get Your Dream Job/


“The guts” versus “the brain”

The main reason to ask you to note down your very first reaction to each of the options is to enable the intuitive, emotional part of you.

When it comes to taking life decisions, the key is to find the right balance between the feelings and facts. Some people will be more inclined towards going after their emotions, others will be prone to overthinking.


The Feeling & Thinking Equation

I can see that you are not just going after the impulse of quitting your job. You are letting the “thinking” part of you, your brain, to be the boss. It is not necessarily bad! Every single one of us needs to solve the feeling & thinking equation for ourselves. The thing is that our brain likes to be efficient, and being efficient, unfortunately for us, for our brain means doing the same thing over and over again. The problem is that we are not just “brains,” and many of us strive for change and development, and we can try to let the brain win some battles, but sooner or later, we’ll probably become miserable.

So if you want to see progress in your life, you need to reconnect with yourself, that inner, intangible part of you, which for some people sits around their chest (“I just followed my heart”) or stomach (“I’ve listened to my guts”).

Each one of us has that inner compass, internal wisdom, that knows exactly what we need to do, we JUST need to learn how to use that compass :-).


So, how do you do that?

The answer is quite simple: you do that by spending time with yourself.

Many of us forget how important it is to find that special ME time, the time when we’re not occupying our thoughts with all the everyday stuff, but really listen to what’s going on in our hearts and minds.

There are many ways to spend time with yourself, you can go for a walk or a run, you can meditate, or for example start writing your journal.

What worked for me when I embarked on that journey of listening to myself, was free flow writing. It’s a very simple method of letting yourself write down all that comes to your mind, right after waking up, when your brain hasn’t fully gone to that comfort zone mode and it allows your subconsciousness to speak for itself (see more about Free Flow Writing here, it’s a short and spot on article about free flow writing an its benefits).


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