Step 2: Explore Your Options

/This is Step 2 from 3 in response to Challenge of The week: 5 Ways to deal with an Unsatisfying Work situation & to get Your Dream Job/

So once you are ready to really listen to yourself and you are open to reaching out to your own wisdom, the time has come to explore your options.


The Feelings Part

You have the “feelings part” ready from the previous exercise, now it’s time to examine closely some of them.

The one feeling that is worth exploring is the fear. Fear is something natural, but it can really be a show-stopper; if you experience that fear may be one of the feelings that is stopping you from moving forward, then you may want to have a look at the article 5 Options for a Long-distance relationship that wants to close the distance gap (or listen to the podcast) where in Option 1 we describe a simple exercise that may be useful when dealing with fear. In the same article and podcast we also discuss further the decision-making process.


The Facts Part

The next thing is to explore the “facts” part of your situation. What are the pros & cons of each of the options.

Examples could be:

Option 1: Stay where you are until you find THE job
Pros: Financial stability,
Cons: Feeling miserable, using your life & energy for doing something I really don’t want to do

Option 2: Just go ahead and quit. Now. Today.
Pros: Freedom, Time to look for the job that you really want to have
Cons: Impact on family budget

Option 3: Get a similar job in another company
Pros: You get out of the culture and relations that are not good for you without impacting your budget
Cons: It’s still not what you really want to do, so you’ll probably be just as fed up as now in a few months

Option 4: Go independent. Make your own business.
Pros: You can start doing exactly what you want
Cons: Lack of stability

Option 5: Look for completely new opportunities
Pros: You open up to something new & adventurous
Cons: Lack of stability

These were just some examples. It’s of course something that you need to do for yourself :-). Some of our cons could be pros for you and vice versa.

Is any of the options especially attractive to you? Can you feel excitement towards a specific option or options? Do you already KNOW that some of them are simply not the right ones? Maybe you can combine some of the options and figure out your own best way to solve that challenge?


Bonus! If you already listen to our podcast Ep04 Five Ways to deal with an Unsatisfying Work situation & to get Your Dream Job you know that we promised you some inspirational stories.


Here they are!

1. How I went from Waitress to BuzzFeed Producer in a Year: The story of the “Waitress from Dominicana Republic” /mentioned in our podcast/


2. Story of Sarah Proust, once divorced single mother with huge debt, today: bestselling author, life coach, happy mom and fulfilled woman.


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