Option 1: “Driving home for Christmas” – Visit Your Family

driving home for christmas

This is Option 1 out of 5 in response to “Challenge of the Week: 5 ways to turn your lonely, post-divorce Christmas into a Christmas Miracle”


“Driving home for Christmas”

We are not sure how far away from home are you Lisa, but you have mentioned in your Challenge description that you have a possibility to spend Christmas with your family.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of this option but it is definitely something to consider. Going home can be a fantastic idea if you feel like retreating to your “safe zone” and in many cases, the family turns out to be an ultimate shoulder to lean on in hard times.



The Advantages

First of all, you won’t be alone. Even if you have that one annoying uncle who talks for hours or grandma whose the main purpose is to stuff you with food all around the clock, it is your family nevertheless (plus their annoying behavior can effectively distract you from your own problems).

While spending time with your family, you can experience that nice cozy feeling of being home and revisit your childhood memories; you can also help with Christmas preparations, get occupied and feel useful. Additionally, it is a fantastic opportunity to visit some “old places” from the past and spend some time with your friends

Being home can also remind you that you had a life before you were married and make you realize that you will have a new life after your period of adjustment is over.


Possible disadvantages

Naturally, the obvious disadvantage could be dreadful “the post-divorce questions”.

Or actually, even the lack of it.

It’s a tricky situation; not only for you but for them as well. Your family may start asking questions about how you feel and try to give you advice that you don’t really need or you are not ready to listen to yet. They may also act quite the opposite – avoid the topic at all costs and unintentionally make it even more awkward.

If you feel like going home, but you don’t want to discuss the divorce, you can try to address the topic once, explaining that it is hard for you to talk about it yet, and ask everyone to “drop it” for the time being. If, however, you know that it won’t work, or your family could actually make you feel even worse, please check our next option below.


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