Drama Creation: Make sure your need for Excitement comes from a good place

/This is Option 2 from 5 in response to “Challenge of the Week: Is living a quiet family life possible for an adventurous mother who likes excitement?”/

Option 2: Make sure that your excitement comes from a good place

Are you Cinderella or a drama-driven Stepmother?

Have you ever wonder why some people “mess up their lives” while on the surface it looks like they have everything they could ever wish for? Why some of us create (most of the time unintentionally) dramas and “cliffhanger type of situations”?

And most importantly, are you that kind of a person?

In your challenge description you have mentioned several times that when everything goes smoothly you get bored and you are “working on a new mess”. The key outtake of this statement is that it seems as if you consciously plan to put yourself in a difficult, messy situation.

So, in this Option, the Mother of All questions is:

Are you really going for the mess (consciously or not) or are you just trying to be more in sync with your true self but it accidentally turns out as a mess?


Drama Creation

In Option 2, we focus on the first possibility – that you indeed take your spontaneous decisions in order to create a drama in your life – and we will help you to realise it and start working on the issue.

There are many reasons why people would strive to regularly mess up their life; usually they do it due to motives they are not aware of and most of the time unconsciously (Unless you are “Game of Thrones”/”House of Cards” type of character which could explain a lot 😉 ).

What could be a motivation to dramatise your blissful existence? Please read the 5 reasons below and see if any of those ring any bells in your head:


  1. You like the adrenaline and the energy that comes with it
  2. Drama and mess distract you from facing your real issues and challenges
  3. Drama is familiar to you because those are the conditions you were raised in / you are used to
  4. Your “mess creation” is a cry for help
  5. Self – fulfilling prophecy: You create a mess to confirm that you always create a mess.


If, while reading the reason above, something caught your attention then we may be onto something! As “Drama and mess creation” is such a broad topic, we have decided to go into more details in a separate article “5 reasons you may be creating drama in your life without even realising it”. Please take a look; not only are we explaining some of the root causes of drama-seeking behaviour, but we are also providing a couple of solutions about how to cope with it.



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