…WHY are we doing this…

Everything is solvable

solutionThrough “the experience of all our experiences” and all the insights we share between the two of us, we have learned over the years that no matter what situation life brings you, it’s never a dead end (until you are dead of course*).

Better! We truly believe that even the most “unsolvable challenge” has usually SEVERAL potential solutions, that a person in question may not even think about, due to certain limitations.

So our main premise is as follows: in most cases YOU’VE GOT 5 OPTIONS to choose from (give or take).


Why 5?

That’s a good question (and a lousy answer, so we’ll try harder now ;)).

Let’s just say that through years of supporting and advising our friends (and sometimes complete strangers) we’ve noticed that 5 is the most optimal number of solutions to give.

5 options

Firstly, the number should be odd**.

Three solutions seems too few, seven – too many.

5 options usually allow you to present two total extremes (mainly, to have them “out of the system”) and the remaining 3 give enough space to build rather objective, neutral yet creative set of advice.

BUT! On our website, 5 options not only equals to 5 solutions but could also be 5 steps, 5 activities or 5 suggestions we would love to offer to you out of pretty much unlimited number of options out there.

We’re no psychologists or therapists (though half of the team is in a process of being trained as a life coach***), we’re more like those two good friends you’d love to talk to.

Those friends that will not judge you but will listen to you instead, with love and compassion and will use all their creativity to help you find ways out of any difficult life situation.



* Unless you’re a White Walker, but then again, we’re afraid we haven’t figured out how to help them… yet 

** It has something to do with psychology and the way our brains prefer to process information when it’s grouped in odd-numbered batches. Besides, what sounds better: “4 proven ways to change your life” OR “5 reasons you’re screwing yourself over and over again and how to stop right now”? I rest my case 

*** Yep, you’ve counted right; half of the current team means one person 


Shall we go further?


Awesome! Check out …and WHO are we