…and WHO are we

Who are We?

We are Anna and Marta.

Anna is a writer (Sorry for my English), a single mom of a super daughter, who has gone through a divorce and experienced unfaithfulness in all its flavors*. She’s gone through building her life from a scratch again, coming back to the whole dating-after-divorce-when-you’re a mum, introducing new partners to her and her daughter’s life, searching for true love.

Marta is pretty much opposite – she’s a happily married, full-time working mama of 3 fantastic boys, who is trying to prove that you can successfully combine being a mum, wife, employee and yourself**

Who are we Anna and Marta


Not only our lives differ; we differ too

Anna is more of a philosopher; Marta is a do-er.

While Anna tends to stare at the Moon and look for signs, Marta would rather solve her problems with more practical approach.

Although Anna prides herself in having quite some courage, she has this nasty habit of procrastinating a lot; Marta on the other hand can have her doubts or fears but once she’s “on it “, she is a force to be reckoned with.

They are both very sociable and easy going, yet one could be defined as an introvert, and the other as an extrovert.

And while Anna seems to connect with people easily and trigger something inside of them, it is Marta who can guide them and lead them through the process of internal change.


And yet, we share some things

Perpetual need to evolve and grow. Curiosity and open-mindedness. Everlasting respect and acceptance towards each other

Thousands of memories, countless hours of talks, most intimate secrets (aka plenty of material for potential blackmail ;)).

Love for good coffee, wine and Aperol Spritz.

Ecstatic behavior every time they enter Legoland and are usually louder and more enthusiastic than most of the children in the park (they actually still tend to behave like kids on many occasions ;)).

And – last but not least! – shortly lived (yet oh so vivid!) career as an unforgettable breakdance duo DjKarp & McScierka**


If there was a table in front of us, on which we should lay down all of our life experiences, we would cover majority of its surface. So let’s say that You’ve got 5 options is our table and all the knowledge we possess we’d like to use to help you.

Because one more thing we do have in common is the passion for helping others, the faith in fellow human beings and the ability to see the potential in every single soul***

* As you can see, some of us have also a natural gift for poetic metaphors 

** That’s a story for a whole new Podcast

*** Ok that was more than “one more thing” but you haven’t even noticed, have you? 


If you got some good vibes reading our short intro, how about learning what would we like to offer to You?