WHAT do we OFFER and HOW does it work?

What does “You’ve got 5 Options” offer?


5 options how it works


Let’s say you have a challenge or life situation

that you struggle with and you would like to get an advice from some neutral source – maybe even people that have no idea who you are (and even if they know you, they don’t have to know that you are YOU, because you can always stay anonymous ;)).

We’ve noticed over the years that it’s usually easier to open up to someone without revealing your identity; especially to someone who has no personal agenda in advising you “this or that” because “that someone” will not directly benefit from your decision.


So basically, what we offer is a new, fresh insight on your problem.

And here’s even better part: not only will you get an insight. You will actually get 5 different insights.

The feedback will be constructed in a form of 5 options, 5 ways out or 5 steps to follow in order to solve your challenge.


How does it work?

All you have to do is to describe the situation with the details that are the most important to you and submit the description on our website.

We will solve your challenge by creating 5 options and if your problem will be chosen as “Challenge of the Week”, your case will be featured in a special article along with a podcast

For more details on how it works, please jump to our FAQ section