HOW it all started…

We are two friends for life

Sistas before mistas*

We’ve known each other for over 20 years and we have gone through a lot together. And by a lot, we really mean A LOT: through good and bad, rich and poor, thin and thick (literally… from being thin teenagers to thick mamas and thin again- well at least some of us :D).

We have laughed and cried and talked… we really talk A LOT to each other. And you know what? We somehow never get bored with those endless conversations and there’s never ENOUGH.

From Whatsapp to PodcastAs we live in different cities and cannot see each other on a daily basis, at one point we’ve started to record WhatsApp messages.

From a simple “hey, how are you?” our messages became longer and longer, until they’ve reached a length of a podcast… and as we both LOVE podcasts, we thought that if we are so natural at having those – impressively long BUT most of the time super fun and insightful recorded conversations, why won’t we make an ACTUAL PODCAST out of it?**

We gave a demo to our friends (and to one kind stranger***) and they’ve told us that it’s fun to listen and they would like to hear some more…****


But how did we get from an idea of a podcast to “5 options”?

See, the challenge was that although we really wanted to start this whole “podcast thingy” we didn’t have an actual idea as to what those podcast should be about. Sure, you can record about the weather or “what’s new in your backyard” but we wanted to make it valuable. Worthwhile. Entertaining yet inspiring.

Wine gives best ideas
God bless the wine!

We just didn’t really know how.

And then, couple of weeks later, on a one winter day, we were sitting in a lovely café named Passione, talking about life, its purpose, fulfilling our passions (after all, we were sitting @Passione ;)) and what we would really LOVE to do in life.

One of us has always wanted to write, the other one has been often requested to coach and advice. We both wanted to help people who feel lost or stand at the crossroads. But that was still not IT… God bless that wine though, because with each new glass of “alcoholic beverage” our vision got clearer and bolder:

We will create something really AWESOME!

A cool and unique place – be it virtual or physical – were everyone is welcome to come and hang out, with no expectations and yet will get something valuable from the experience; a new type of Community, based on love, respect, compassion and kindness. Something WORTHWHILE.

And that’s when “You’ve got 5 Options” just came to us.

So… to sum it up, “You’ve got 5 options” was born out of wine (or was it Aperol Spritz?)**** inner calling to help other people and a deep desire to make this world a little bit better than it was yesterday.

But yeap… mostly out of wine


* To be honest, there this bizarre theory “out there” that we were sisters once; we are afraid to explore it as there is a chance that one of us murdered the other and we are not ready to face the potential manslaughter in the family yet,

** First Notable Mention: There are actually three of us in the Whatsapp group and without her we wouldn’t be where we are today – our third Musketeer; the Beyoncé of our Destiny’s Child, the Spirit of our Holy Trinity – the one and only Kalina vel Agnieszka Gejdel 

*** Second Notable Mention: Camilla Gammelgaard-Baker

**** God, we hope that’s true!

***** It was both wine and Aperol – in very impressive amounts. Somehow more intoxicated we get, better our ideas are


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