For now we solve the so called Life Challenges. The type of challenges that you’d most likely discuss with your best friends. They will often evolve around topics such as: a) Relationships: family (of all sorts, including kids), break-ups, friendships, starting from scratch, finding your true love, sustaining a happy marriage, and any other human relationships b) Career: changing a job, progressing in your career, finding the passion in what you do c) Being a human: spirituality, happiness, life purpose, dealing with difficult emotions, taking life decisions, dealing with change Make sure you have a look at the About section (especially WHO are we) hyperlink to understand better what we can help you with :).
First, write down your challenge. We don't expect poetry or lengthy essays so don't think too much about HOW you write but WHAT you write. The more details regarding your situation, the better - it will allow us to give you the best 5 options possible :). If you’d like to check some examples first, please visit our section Challenges to see past challenges and see how some people described their situation.
You have couple of options (surprised? ;)): a) The easiest way is to submit your challenge using our Got a challenge? Shoot! b) You can also send it to us directly via email to we@youvegot5options.com with a title My Challenge c) You can also send it via messenger in our Facebook Page
No, sign up is not required for challenge submission.
No. If you decide to stay anonymous it is enough to fill in Got a challenge? Shoot! with your challenge. Naturally, if you choose to send us your description via email, we will see the address from which you’ve sent it, but we won’t make it public or use it for anything else than what you agreed. You can provide us your name (real name or fake name). But be aware that in case of no name, we will give you one, so you have to accept the odds of being called Siegfried. Or Consuela. Please note that if you choose not to provide your email, we won’t be able to contact you to send you your 5 options and you’ll have to contact us or check the website regularly.
Yes. When we receive your challenge, we'll post it soon after in Active Challenges hyperlink section on our website, where our readers can see it. The main reason for that is we would like to involve more people into helping you; but no worries, if you don’t feel fully comfortable with it, you can always stay anonymous or become Siegfried 😉
From the moment your challenge appears on “You’ve got 5 options” website in Active Challenges, we give our readers a chance to comment on it. You'll be able to follow the comments and you are welcome to comment as well. Simultaneously, we (Anna and Marta) will work on your 5 options. So yes, as it is right now, we are solving your challenge; however we will look for inspiration in readers' comments as well.
Your challenge will be posted under active challenges within 48 hours from the moment we’ve received it. All the users will have a chance to comment on your challenge and provide you with some advice. At the same time we (Anna & Marta), will also be working on your 5 options. We’ll let you know within 7 days when and how will your challenge be solved- that is if you have provided your email- if you haven’t you’ll need to contact us directly or visit the page to see Solved Challenges. If your challenge is selected as Challenge of the Week, an article and podcast will be published under category Challenge of the Week (see also FAQ What is this The challenge of the week). So, for example, if you’ve submitted your challenge on Friday, it will be published within 48h and by next Friday, you’ll hear from us how & when your challenge will be solved.
The Challenge of the Week is a challenge that is selected by us and solved with both a Podcast and an Article describing the 5 options customised to the unique situation of the author of the challenge. Challenges of the week are released on Tuesdays.
The rest of the challenges may receive a simplified response, e.g. only an article, podcast, broader comment or a link to already solved similar challenge. They may become a topic for a podcast in the future. One thing is certain – you will not be left without an answer :-). Your challenge will be taken care of; it may just take a bit longer. And in the meantime… as we publish all incoming challenges under Active Challenges, regardless if they become Challenge of the Week or not, you can still check out comments under your challenge from readers.
You have an option to ask for the notification via email once your challenge has been solved and published, but for that you need to provide your email.
Unfortunately no. The whole idea of You’ve got 5 options is to share challenges, encourage discussion and creative solutions and to build a community around it. You can however always download the podcast or an article with your 5 options once it is published.
Technically yes. If for some reason, we are unable to solve your challenge due to lack of insight (neither us, nor other users), we'll let you know within a week. This may also happen if your challenge present a case that is not in compliance with House Rules hyperlink. For example, we will not advice you on how to harm someone or yourself, or on how to cheat on your partner in a most discreet and effective way ;).
Of course! You are welcome to either: a) Place a comment under Your Solved Challenge b) Drop us an email via we@youvegot5option.com c) Or use our contact form, which you can find under Contact, and choosing category from the drop down “My Solved Challenge”
Totally! We would love to hear from you and get a feedback on how useful our 5 options were 🙂 Just write down either couple of words or your entire story – however you prefer – and send it to us. If you don’t indicate otherwise, we will publish it in Solved Challenges under your solved challenge. You can also drop us an email via we@youvegot5option.com