HOW can YOU get involved?

One of our main goals…

…is to create an awesome, welcoming community where people from around the world can seek for support and advice but also for inspiration and cool ideas on how to develop themselves and their passions.

That’s why we want to be as open as possible and we would like to encourage you all to contribute to “You’ve got 5 options” with your knowledge, wisdom and experience.

If you want to learn more about how to do it, look no further than what’s written below 🙂


Help us to solve Challenges!

Ok, so maybe you don’t need any advice or support.

Or maybe you don’t have challenges in your current life (you lucky… person ;)). But don’t close the page yet… there are more ways you can find “You’ve got 5 options” concept appealing.

See, there is something really interesting about us humans – we like to feel useful; we like to contribute to something beyond “just ourselves” and we really like to help fellow human beings.

You know that awesome feeling when you hug someone who is down and that person smiles?

When you give an advice to a friend that helps them to gain a new perspective on crappy situation he’s in?

Or when you help grandma to cross the street and get a simple “thank you”?

There, right THERE! That’s your inner (and very much inborn) kindness being activated. And when you activate your kindness, somehow you activate something greater in you. And it feels damn good 🙂


So if you like to feel “damn good”, the simplest way is to help other people to solve their challenges. You can do it in several ways:

a) By giving your “option” via comment box under the challenge (you can find all active challenges in Active Challenges ). If you have any ideas that you believe could be helpful, just shoot (but check out our House Rules).

b) If you feel inspired and would like to write a longer feedback, or for some reason message or email suit you better, you can send us your opinion via “Contact Form choosing headline “I have something to say about Challenge” (just remember to refer to specific Challenge in the Title) or drop us an email via

Who knows, we may even publish your option as a featured article and make you famous 😉


Or… help us to build “You’ve got 5 options” and a community around it

partners in crimeWe know that there are also creative souls out there, which have not yet found a way to channel their talents and creations.

If you like our place and have something interesting to say or show (minus private parts ;)), you are most welcomed to become our partner in crime ;).

You can create content together with us, for example write some articles.

If that sounds like something you would be into, please let us know via Contact Form choosing headline “I want to be Your Partner in Crime”  or drop us an email via


That’s all folks! “You’ve got 5 options” 101 is officially completed 🙂


What’s next? That’s up to you.

But how about submitting your Challenge ?