5 Options Cafe

Welcome to 5 Options Cafe!

It may not be “Netflix and Chill” type of relax (although, everything depends on what keeps you going and how creative you are), but this is definitely a place where you can grab a cup of good coffee (or a glass of wine), lay back and and enjoy a good read.

Under category “Articles” you can find some really cool pieces about tools, methods and concepts we refer to in Challenges that we have solved – both in posts and podcasts.

“5 Options After Hours” is everything we were planning to hide from you guys but decided to publish anyways. It’s a place for all of our legendary productions bloopers and other humorous adventures of the “You’ve got 5 options” squad. We are really keen on bringing the smile on your faces and most probably we will do it quite often but unintentionally; here at least we have that intention.

In 5 Options’ Guests we want to present you our guests – other bloggers, artists and life advisers – who we believe, have something really cool to say and/or show. If you are interested in becoming our Partner in Crime, then this is a place where we will introduce you and your work! (How to become our Partner in Crime? Check out “HOW can YOU get involved”)

Enjoy the read!