5 Christmas Challenges: Saving Christmas for Everyone!

5 Christmas Challenges

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Hello, our awesome friends!


How are you feeling tonight? Are you ready for our last Challenge of the Week this year?

/That was a rhetorical question, of course, you are! ;)/

December has been a little bit crazy for You’ve Got 5 Options – both personally and professionally. We had a lot of things going on: We’ve got a proposition to do our first live event in January in Arhus, Denmark (details will follow very soon). We’ve decided to launch a YouTube channel and make our very own MOVIE (you’ll love it, just wait and see). And on a top of that, we have received 6 (yeap, that’s right, SIX!) Christmas-related challenges!


Guys, it’s a crazy ride…


… and although we love every minute of it, we have decided to apply our own advice from podcasts and articles and take a bit of a break. We need to recharge the batteries a little and take some rest in order to share with you all the new, fantastic things we have on our agenda for January 2018. That’s why this is our last “Challenge of the Week” podcast this year and we are planning to start recording again mid-January.

You are still most welcome to send us your challenges – we are always on duty 🙂 And if you miss listening to our awesome Eastern European wisdom (and accents ;)), don’t hesitate to revisit our previous episodes on iTunes, PlayerFM, Stitcher, your favorite podcasting app (we are everywhere!) or – of course – on our website.

As you already know, we have received a record-breaking number of challenges this month and as we didn’t want to leave anyone without an answer, we’ve done it a bit different this time. Our first Christmas-related challenge was solved last week already (Challenge of the Week: 5 ways to turn your lonely, post-divorce Christmas into a Christmas Miracle), and the remaining five are discussed in our today’s podcast episode “5 Christmas Challenges”. We have also dedicated a separate article to each and every single challenge, where you can read about all the options and get inspired by creative solutions to everyday problems 🙂


So guys, are you ready?

You know the drill – put on your headset, make yourself comfortable and tune in to our very last podcast this year!


Ep 15 Five Christmas Challenges


5 Christmas Challenges are:


Challenge 1: How to save X-mas when your partner doesn’t like to celebrate it?
Katie loves Christmas, but her partner is more like a Grinch, so she’s wondering if there’s a way to save the Holiday?

Challenge 2: How to serve Kosher food AND Pork at the same Christmas dinner?
Charlotte is wondering how to join Kosher food and pork at one table so that her Jewish aunt and uncle and the Danish family get their traditions & religions honored.

Challenge 3: What to do with an unwanted present?
Miranda has received a few presents that she doesn’t particularly enjoy, so she’s wondering if it would be a good idea to regift them or maybe sell them instead?

Challenge 4: Five approaches to survive Christmas with the husband’s family
Samantha is going to spend Christmas with her husband’s family, where she feels lonely in the otherwise loving crowd. How can she save Christmas for herself?

Challenge 5: Five ways to avoid family drama on Christmas
There’s always plenty of drama in Carrie’s family. Is there a way to avoid or work through that drama in order to have amazing Holiday?


We really hope that you got inspired and entertained with our podcast and articles 🙂 Remember to check our FB Fanpage daily – we are preparing some really awesome Christmas goodies for all of you (including “5 tips on how to have a Merry Christmas, regardless the circumstances”).

Stay safe, warm and kind. And of course, stay TUNED!


Much love guys,
Anna & Marta