Challenge of the week: 5 Ways to Survive a Shitty Day

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/Following Challenge of the Week is a former “Challenge 13: How to survive a shitty day?“/

Dear Isabella,

We all experience those days where we just want to bury ourselves under the blanket and pretend that we don’t exist. It gets even more tricky for those of us who have small kids, from whom you can’t really hide (unless you find someone else to take care of them). It is pretty common to have those days every now and again. We just have to be mindful of not running into a situation where in a long run those shitty days fill in more of our calendar than the awesome days.

We haven’t received too many details from you, so we don’t know what kind of job you do and how big your kids are. We don’t know what causes those difficult days, is it a phase in your life? Or maybe it’s a hormonal swing caused by something like PMS or even an influence of a full moon? It could also be caused by some deeply rooted issues that you haven’t been able to face (or share with us). There may be plenty of different reasons, some of them easier to “fix” than others. Therefore, we’ve prepared a few different options that you can choose from depending on your situation and on where you pain originates.


Please read your Options and listen to the Podcast below:


Ep 11 Five Ways to Survive a Shitty Day

Here’s Your Challenge

Every month I get a few of those days where I’m really feeling under the weather. Recently there are more of those days as “The Winter’s Coming”. And since I’m living in Denmark ,where it’s cold, rainy & windy for 6 months, I get really affected by the weather.

A small disappointment at work or a tough day at home with kids, gets me to feel completely down. Unfortunately, I can’t just hide under the blanket, so I was wondering if you have any tips for

How to survive a really shitty day?


And here are our 5 tips for surviving a shitty day:

Option 1: Practice gratitude
Option 2: Be (or see) your best friend
Option 3: Address your difficult emotions
Option 4: Do something that you love to do
Option 5: Use the oldest medicine: laugh about it


Option 1 from 5 options     Option 2 from 5 Options     Option 3 from 5 options     Option 4 from 5 Options     Option 5 from 5 Options


So dear Isabella,

you now have quite a palette of choices when it comes to surviving a shitty day. Sometimes however, no matter what you try, a shitty day just remains shitty. In such a case going to sleep with hope for a better day tomorrow may be your best options. Good luck and may you have as few shitty days as possible!


Much Love

Anna & Marta