Challenge of the Week 7: 5 steps to overcome procrastination and finish what you’ve started

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/Following Challenge of the Week is a former “Challenge 9: I can’t bring myself to finish what I’ve started. How do I find my motivation?”/


Greetings Elina,

Thank you for sharing your Challenge with us! We have to admit that although having problem with finishing something we have started, is rather universal for majority of human beings (and probably some alien races as well), not many of us have mastered a bulletproof strategy on how to cope with it.

What are you dealing with is rather common – yet of an extreme importrace. And for some strange reason, Master Thesis is usually that one project with which we all have struggled. Even if we didn’t have challenge with procrastination prior to Thesis, somehow writing an academic paper causes most of us to fall in to a black hole of doubt, stress and writer’s deadlock.

So, is it possible to “beat that beast” and get back on track? Of course! There is actually several ways to get out of that black hole and start being productive again and w will present them to you today.

Listen to our podcast about procrastination and don’t forget to read about your 5 steps below,


Ep07 Five steps to overcome procrastination & finish what you’ve started

So here’s Your Challenge:

I’ve finished all the mandatory courses for my Master Degree two years ago, yet I cannot since then complete my Master Thesis.

This year I have actually changed the topic; my supervisor told me that while my subject was really interesting, it was too ambitious (no one studied the topic in my country before, so I had really few data to work with). So technically speaking, now with the new, “less ambitious topic” I have it easier. Or do I?

Because somehow I still cannot finalise it. Instead of making research and start writing I spend hours on several internet forums and I read gossips online.

How can I get myself together? How to start studying? How to start writing?

I was very good at my studies in the past but before I was also going to the University daily where I had contact with teachers and other students and I was more rooted in that reality. Now I have work and my own home and I simply cannot get myself together to start working on Thesis again.

Do you have any tips for me?


And here are your 5 Steps:


Step 1: Start with “Why?” aka “Why are you writing your Thesis in a first place?”
Step 2: Drop It Like It’s Hot
Step 3: Change the Topic
Step 4: Get to the bottom of your Procrastination 
Step 5: Set up Your Goal and make a God Damn good plan to achieve it


To read more about each step, please click on the icons below


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All the luck Elina!


Much Love,

Anna & Marta