Quick & Dirty: Five ways to cope with the noisy neighbor that ruins your sleep

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Here’s our Quick & Dirty answer to Becka’s problem: Challenge 6: How to cope with a noisy neighbor that ruins your sleep?

Your everyday life can become quite challenging when your noisy neighbor doesn’t think that sleeping in the night is a “must have”, while you really need your good night sleep because you work during the day. Having only a thin wall between you and your “night owl” neighbor can be pretty damn annoying when you two run on completely different schedules…


But do not to worry, Becka… we do have 5 options for you, and we hope that one of them (or more) can do the trick for you :-).

Option 1: Kill him with kindness…

… before you actually start wanting to kill him 😀

Wanting to kill your neighbor, just because he’s disturbing your sleep may sound quite extreme to some people, BUT someone who has been dealing with sleep disturbances could really understand you (I sure can!). Not being able to get your rest can pretty much ruin your day, and if it happens almost every day… well, we don’t want you to get to the point where you’d be considering doing something bad to the guy next door. So we think you should first try using our favorite weapon: Love & Kindness. You have already tried using nice post-it notes and you are not ready to call the police, so we assume that some kindness is still there inside you (so use it before it disappears :-D).


A strategy could be to overrun him with kindness, you know… being so nice & kind, that he’ll start feeling bad for ruining your nights. The assumption here is that there’s a chance that your kindness wakes up the better part of him. Some empathy can also be awaken by a long letter describing your misery. Maybe that will make him stop doing the annoying stuff. You could also try producing some good neighbor karma :-). Leave him a Thank-you note or bake a cake after a quiet night. There’s also a good chance that he’ll think you’re crazy and he’ll just stop. We’re wishing here that the powerful force of love and kindness gives both of you a good night sleep 🙂 (let’s hope it will not end up with being wishful thinking ;-)).


Option2: Give him a taste of his own medicine

If love and kindness don’t work with the guy, letting him taste his own medicine, may be something that does the trick. The guy obviously doesn’t’ sleep at night, but he must sleep at some point. Maybe he really is not a sociopath, but have you considered a vampire? That would actually explain all his weird behavior! Especially the fact that he doesn’t’ want to open the door…


But in the (un)likely event that he’s not a vampire, you just need to find that time and do everything you can not to let him sleep. You mention the “blending the smoothie” episode, but it seems that you’d really need to turn up the volume on reciprocation if that should work…. And try it for at least few days. You may need to experiment a bit as there are some people who sleep like a rock.


Option 3: The stalker-ninja style

You have really tried and the guy doesn’t want to talk to you. His bad. This option is the one where you try to be as crazy as you can to scare him off. You knock on his door, his wall, window, and everywhere you can, like… ALL the TIME! You leave him notes, letters on the door, mailbox, windows, his car? One idea that could be really effective is to follow him on his way to work… and here we could think of two versions:

  • You follow him without him realizing and you stalk him at his workplace in front of his boss & colleagues
  • You follow him in a way that he knows he’s being followed (consider putting some crazy ninja outfit and sneak behind his back)- that should really scare the shit out of him. If someone did that to me, I’d stop partying in the night, actually I’d probably consider moving out :D.


Option 4: Turn to Force Majeure (higher power)

Most of the places have some rules regarding curfew. I can see that you are not ready to call the police, but there must be some kind of a janitor, supervisor or owner that you can call, who can issue a warning to the guy. Seriously, even if the guy is not a sociopath, he’s not living in the building all by himself. Maybe some other neighbors are also suffering with his noisiness

And if a warning doesn’t work, calling the police, may be a necessary solution after all…

My research has also pointed me to a suspicion that there are also other types of higher powers… have you considered looking for some kind of a modern witch that could cast a spell ;-)? There are also some home grown magical solutions I’ve read about (In “Harry Potter” mainly, LOL). Depending on your beliefs (or maybe rather on how desperate you are)… using magic could be some kind of an option. Though I’d rather go to the police than to a witch :-D*.


Option 5: If you can’t fix him, fix yourself (or your environment)

If you have tried it all and nothing works, not even higher powers, the guy will just not stop being noisy, there’s always something you can do with yourself and your surroundings. Here are some solutions that may be worthwhile checking out:

  • Buy yourself some super noise cancelling headphones. If it’s really bad, combining your ear plugs with the noise cancelling headphones may do the trick! (though I must admit that it doesn’t sound very comfy for sleeping)
  • Get a noise reducing blanket and hang it on your wall- as we’re recording our podcasts in home “studios” and we have been dealing with quite some noise challenges, I can recommend hanging a special blanket, that helps isolating you from the noise. Check different options here at SoundBlackOut
  • Learning to hypnotize yourself as a response to such a challenge, may sound quite extreme, I guess, but if you’re desperate and nothing works….
  • Move somewhere else- if nothing we’ve proposed above works, that may be the only solution to get back on good night sleep!

Good luck with getting your good night sleep back 🙂. We hope that you’ll find some of the options useful (or that in the worst case you’ll have a laugh :-)). We’d love to hear back from you one day to know how your neighbor story unveiled!

* Seriously, we don’t recommend playing with magic 🙂