What the heck is a Podcast? And Why should I listen to it?

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Aka: All the Things you Need to know about Podcasting

When we’ve released You’ve got 5 Options, we started to get quite a lot of questions about Podcasting. Questions have been all the way from: What is that podcast thing?… down to very practical: How do I listen to to your podcast? And of course there’s also the Mother of all questions:

Is listening to podcasts something for me?

We have therefore decided to prepare a small Questions & Answers session about Podcasting :-).

What is a podcast?

To answer that question I will start with a very simple definition from Wikipedia

podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download and listen to. It is often available for subscription, so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own local computer, mobile application, or portable media player.

So Podcast is like a digital & downloadable version of a Broadcast. What in Vision world has been going from traditional TV to TiVO or Netflix, in Audio world it has been going from traditional radio broadcast to a podcast. You can still listen to an interesting show transmitted on the radio of course, or you can choose to subscribe to a podcast, get it automatically downloaded to your phone when a new episode is released, and listen to it whenever it suits you.

Podcasting used to be known also as “AUDIOBLOGGING”, which I think gives a pretty good picture of it being like a blog (that most of us already know/ read/ or even write) that you can listen to.

Why is podcasting even “A thing”?

Why listen to a blog, right? Well first of all, many of us don’t have enough time to read as much as we’d like to. That’s why audiobooks and podcasts are still growing. It’s a way to get information and some fun into your daily routines; when you can’t use your hands or eyes. So I guess podcasting found a space where reading and watching is not possible.

With a podcast you get a limited time (it could be anywhere between 10 minutes and 3 hours) of a high quality content (hopefully!) about a topic that’s interesting to you or with people that keep you entertained.

Apart from being an unlimited source of entertainment, podcasts for me have also been an amazing fountain of knowledge. I have for example learned how to produce our podcast from “The Audacity to Podcast”, while walking to the office, arranging the laundry and emptying the dishwasher.

Who listens to podcasts?

Of course ANYONE can listen to a podcast. It’s often found as a great choice of media for commuters, you know, it’s great when you’re driving and stuff. But I personally listen to podcasts also while I clean the house, go for a run, and even often at work.

I started with audiobooks, but as I usually get a window of 20-40 minutes, and I am doing something while listening, with an audiobook I was too often finding myself not being able to concentrate sufficiently on the content (I must admit that I am a traditionalist in regards to books, a hard cover copy is simply the best for me. Always. :-)).

Podcast works better when you have a limited time window, for me it’s like choosing between watching one episode of “Friends” every day vs. watching 20 minutes of Lord of the Rings in 10 days.

So to sum up, podcasting is good for everyone with a mobile device :-), simply because everyone can sometimes use a bit of entertainment or education while we’re running our daily routines. Just try it out! Big chances are that you’ll LOVE IT!

How to listen to a podcast?

There are several options here :-D. Here are the solutions we’ve selected and enabled for our listeners:

Our Website

    • When you want to listen Online: You can listen directly at the website. That means that you can go to www.youvegot5options.com, select “Podcast” from the main menu and choose an episode you’d like to listen to. Then you just press: Play and… that’s it! You don’t even need to download anything! You can do it on your laptop, iPad, computer, phone, basically any device that connects to internet and has a speaker :-).
    • When you want to be able to listen Offline: You can download a single episode or all available episodes from the website to your preferred device as an mp3. Then you’ll be able to listen to it also offline.

      Your Phone (or other mobile device)

    • When you have iOS: when you have iPhone or iPad, it’s really easy to listen to podcasts. You just need to find the podcast you like in the default Podcast app (You’ve Got 5 options is here), SUBSCRIBE and that’s it. The new episode will be available at your device as soon as it’s published.
    • When you use Android: First step is to download a Podcast App, There are many free podcast apps available in your store, we personally recommend Podcast Go. Once you have it on your device, just search for the podcast: You’ve got 5 Options, and subscribe!
    • Other options: iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn: Our Podcasts are also available on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn- so if you are a user of that type of media, you can search for our podcast and subscribe there.

How to review a podcast in iTunes?

We’re new on iTunes, so we’d really appreciate if you rate us and provide your review. Here’s How you can do it:

Step 1. Find our podcast on iTunes:

You can either type in You’ve Got 5 Options in the search field in iTunes store, or you can ind it by clicking here.

If you followed the link, make sure that you click: View in iTunes

Step 2: Click on Ratings & Reviews

Step 3: Give as an appropriate number of stars and write a review 🙂

If you have an iOs device, you can also give us an iTunes review directly from your Podcast App!

  • Open your Podcast App
  • Press “Search”
  • Type in “You’ve got 5 options”
  • Enter to the Logo of You’ve got 5 Options in the bottom left corner
  • Enter to “Reviews”
  • Give us a proper number of stars and write a review

So if you like what we do, help up spread the good news 🙂

If you’d like to read more (and maybe even listen?) on how exactly to leave a review on iTunes… Google always has good answers :-). You could also have a look at my favorite life coach Brooke Castillo’s from The Life Coach School podcast Spread the Love. That’s where she teaches: How to leave a review on iTunes.