You’ve Got 5 Options: On how me and My Best Friend made a baby…

You've got 5 options pregnancy

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…aka difficult and twisted story of our pregnancy


This is our first 5 Options After Hours piece and what else could be better for opening this category than “the very honest and totally hilarious account” of ourYou’ve got 5 options” pregnancy?

Instead of giving you a summary, I’ve chosen a short abstract with a glimpse of what you can expect:


The Shitstorm

“Something very interesting is happening with Marta.

Before she had that “let’s just go with it – lean start up – let’s do it” type of attitude but now it looks like her so-far-sleeping “perfectionist gene” got awaken. She spends hours and hours on Audacity, trying to make our audio “acceptable”.

Probably I should not worry about it, right?


 Very soon the inevitable comes. I’m being asked for yet another feedback on podcast and something goes terribly wrong because next morning I receive a Whatsapp voice mail /with – I have to admit – high audio quality/ that boils down to one question:

“Do you really want to do this with me?

Do you really want to?


WTF has just happened?

I have literally no idea what’s up.

I just woke up in a state of a blissful ignorance that everything’s ok and on track and suddenly I find myself in the middle of a shitstorm.


First I get shocked and speechless.

Then I re-listen to the entire voicemail again and get a tiny bit defensive. I start to gently strike back with some of my own concerns and sorrows.

Things are really on pins and needles here, people. Especially when I realise that most of Marta’s perfectionism is a result of me sounding constantly unhappy with what she has done. For some reason my “feedback” put her on a vicious circle of  never-ending improvement.

I feel like shit.

I feel like I failed as a friend and as a Partner in Crime.

Thank god we “kiss and make up” within next couple of hours.

It’s almost unreal how fast we “shitstormed”, then exchanged constructive feedback, apologies and got back to being normal again. I realise how cool it would be to marry Marta but then I park that though as I am pretty sure I’m still attracted to men. Plus she’s already married.”


If that’s not “a Spiffy Opener” then I don’t know what is!

So now,  grab a beer or a glass of wine, relax and enjoy because you are in for hell of a hilarious ride! You can read the entire thing at Sorry for my English, by clicking on the link below.

Have an awesome Monday everyone!

You’ve got 5 Options: On how me and My Best Friend made a baby… – Sorry For My English

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