Challenge 4: How to quit the job you are fed up with, when “your reasonable side” stops you ?

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I am really fed up with my current job.

I don’t really get along with my boss, people gossip behind each-other’s back and I don’t feel like I am still developing in any way. I am really ready to change my job.

The problem is that I don’t want to change to a similar position, just in a different  company (it would be easy but soon boring again). I have a pretty good idea what kind of job I really want to do: I want to get out there, have more contact with “real life” environment (currently I am almost 100% of the time doing calculations & projecting in front of the computer). I am learning so much more when I am on site.

The challenge is that it is very difficult to get this kind of a job (I have been applying for a while). I don’t have that practical experience and since I am a mum of small kids, I need to have a job where I don’t work more than 40 hours a week and that it is close to home. I could of course just continue applying for the job I really want, but I am so tired with my current job, that I feel like walking into my boss’ office and quitting it right away, like….twice every week… But then a reasonable part of me comes in and tells me that maybe it’s not a good idea.  

As I spend many hours every day doing the job I am bored with in an environment I don’t like, I feel drained in the evening and have very few energy to continue applying for my dream job. What do I do?


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