Challenge of the week: 5 ways to break up with your girlfriend

Break-up, end the relationship

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Hope you’re doing well so far. And hopefully, after reading what’s coming, you will feel even better! Or at least you will gain some new perspective and a clear idea of how to go about your situation.

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Ep01 Five ways to Break up with Your Girlfriend

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So here’s your Challenge: 

I want to break up with my girlfriend.

We have been together for around half a year. At the beginning it was really nice and we had a good way with each other; we still do, but I haven’t developed any deeper feelings towards her. I like her as a person and I still like to spent time with her but the feelings are simply not there.

I told her how I feel and I was trying to break up with her but she insisted that we should try again. I agreed and I tried but it actually got worse. Currently I am at the point where most of the things she does start to annoy me. Even a simple text from her with “How is your day going?” irritates me.  I ended up with having resentment towards her.

Now I am afraid to break up with her because I don’t want to hurt her and I don’t want to see her suffering. She starts to cry whenever I mention that we should go our separate ways. I don’t know what to do; I am even considering breaking up with her over Messenger.”

So listen up dear, you’ve got 5 options (well, technically you’ve got an infinite number of options but just to make it easier for you, we have chosen 5). Are you ready? Here we go!

And Your Options are:

  1. Do nothing and Hope for The Best
  2. Take a break
  3. Be and Asshole: Full Scale Sabotage
  4. Hit and Run: Deploy the Message and Disappear
  5. End the relationship with love and integrity


And now, please click on images below to read about each Option: 

Option 1 from 5 options     Option 2 from 5 Options     Option 3 from 5 options     Option 4 from 5 Options     Option 5 from 5 Options


To sum up…

ending a relationship is a skill; a skill that we all have to learn if we plan to have relationships in a first place.

As much as we would wish everyone to find their “one and only” on their first go, let’s just agree that a fairy tale option is rarely the reality. We will fall in love, we will create relationships and yeap… we will end most of them.

A wise man once said: “You learn the most about your partner after the relationship is over” so let’s all strive to be better partners – in our relationships and when they are over”.

Much Love,
Anna & Marta